Carolyn Henne’s sculpture is largely informed by anatomical studies – from simple school-house diagrams to NIH’s Visual Human Project. Her work ranges from large, complex interactive installations and performances to more straightforward, discrete objects. Suspended Self Portrait is in the permanent collection at the National Museum of Health and Medicine and was featured in the NIH’s exhibition and book, Dream Anatomy. Henne was part of a team of arts, engineering, and business students and faculty working with VCU surgeons to develop a prototype for a life-like surgical trainer. Subsequently, she collaborated with surgeons to develop prototypes now being replicated and employed to train surgical students and shared at workshops internationally.  She has a Courtesy Faculty Appointment with FSU’s College of Medicine.

As the chair of FSU’s Department of Art, Henne oversees an exciting department where the focus is on producing technologically savvy artists and designers who are conscientious actors with good hands.  Students graduate with analytical and critical skills, hand skills, web skills, design skills and collaborative skills and a real conviction and belief in what they do and have to offer. As such they are particularly well prepared to adapt to a changing world.

She also serves as Associate Dean for FSU’s College of Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance, Interim Director of the Facility for Arts Research, and Director of the Public Art & Architectural Art Program.